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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making way for new technology

For more years than I can remember, the quilt has hung on the bedroom wall.  It was made so long ago, at least 20 years I suspect, long before I even thought of naming and dating a quilt.  This early example is a Curved Two Patch “Basket of Blooms” and it was a class taught during a weekend retreat organised by my quilt club Pinestream Quilters in rural Akatarawa.  After getting the needs list for my project I travelled down to Quilt Connection in Lower Hutt to purchase my fabrics.  Sadly this shop has long ceased trading, but it was a little gem at the time.  Set in an old house, the rooms were full of fabric and threads and it seemed just like wonderland to a novice quilter like me.  I based my colour selection around the floral fabric for the border, and carefully matched the pinks and greens to the exact shades.  Being a little afraid of mixing too many patterned fabrics at once, I selected three plain colours, a small print for one of the flowers, and a lightly patterned brown for the basket.  (I was certainly not at all adventurous in my selections).
DSCF6960 My Basket of Blooms, rather faded now
My Basket of Blooms was hand quilted and proudly hung in our bedroom all this time, toning in rather well with our green curtains.  Over the years the floral border fabric has lost a lot of it’s colour.  But the end was near, it had to come down.  Our rather tiny bedroom television was at the end of it’s life and was replaced with one of those new flat screen jobs, which needed to be screwed to the wall.  So down came the quilt and up went that piece of new technology.
DSCF6968 No room for the quilt now this is on the wall
Now when we sit up in bed sipping our early morning cuppa and check out what is happening in the world, we remark that with the new wide screen we can actually read the weather temperatures, and can see the whole picture without losing a slice off each side as used to happen on our old TV.  The quilt has been washed and dried, but I ask myself, what do I do with it now?  Guess I could use it as a cloth on the picnic table in the summer.   


June said...

I remember when that curved technique was being taught, and Quilt Connection what a great little shop I went to my first machine quilting class there. I do hope you find a home for the quilt.

texascraft said...

Love the quilt really quite effective.Must move with the time re tv

Leeann said...

I remember the Quilt Connection. I only went to it once when I was on a trip to Wellington. The next time I was in Wellington it was gone. I was told that the lady who owned it had died of breast cancer. It was an amazing shop I can remember spending a long time just looking and looking. I still have a piece of fabric in my stash from there. It has tea cups and pots on it. I think it was the first time I had bought fabric that cost more than $20m, so was too precious to use!