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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finishing off the shaggy quilt

I’m on the home straight now with my shaggy floral quilt, with the binding finally all  stitched down.  There were just the last few seams to snip.  It was such a lovely warm morning that I sat with the quilt outside on the back deck.  A half hour or so of snip, snip, snip, and there it was all done.  I have yet to write a label and stitch it on the back of the quilt.  Then of course I will need to give it a quick wash and dry to fluff up all those exposed seams.  And give it a good shake as there seem to be loose threads everywhere.
DSCF7196 Snipping away at the last few seams
We have a “bird pudding” hanging in a mesh onion bag from a large tree and I was well placed to watch the birds feeding while I was snipping away.  I love to watch the busy native wax eyes and greenfinches flutter around as they land in the tree, then race down the wire to take a few bites before another bird arrives to take their place.  I hung half an orange in an adjacent tree to see if that would attract the birds too.  Sure enough, the wax eyes in particular thought it was rather tasty.  As the day wore on, the temperatures kept rising.  So much so that off came our jerseys and then Robin  changed into shorts when he was working outside washing the caravan down.  That’s not too bad for a winter’s day now, is it?


Maria said...

Nice to see you there snipping away. It is like you are sitting right in front of me. Yes it is lovley to watch the birds this time of year.
Robin in shorts,LOL last week it was snowing your way ah!!!
Strange weather we are having all over the world.

Lis said...

You look a very happy bunny sitting in the sunshine with your quilt. Thanks for reminding me about those NZ wax eyes, love them - but fantails are my favourite!

loulee said...

Spring must be in the air.
I love wax eyes. I could spend hours watching them on my MILs lawn.

Jenny said...

Hi ladies

Nice to hear from you all. A lovely sunny day certainly makes everything seem so much nicer, doesn't it! But I guess the winter weather hasn't quite finished with us yet.

Bonnie said...

Hum, I don't think I've ever considered binding a raggy quilt. I love to see a picture of the whole quilt to get an idea about it. I must make them differently than you do as I snip the edges of the quilt the same as the inside of the quilt.

Love your cat in the earlier post. He (she?) looks like a big stuffed animal! Enjoy the sun.

Linda said...

Cute picture of you. And your weather now is a far cry from about two weeks ago with your snow. Go figure!