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Monday, August 8, 2011

Stitching in the Caravan

We enjoyed the weekend away in our caravan to the Kapiti Coast.  I always like to take some hand stitching away with me on these trips.  Sometimes I manage to do a bit of stitching, and sometimes I don’t, but as any stitcher knows, it always pays to have something on hand.    It all depends on what is organised on our caravan rally weekends, and what the weather is like.  We had to take a detour via Porirua so that I could pop in to Spotlight as I had run out of green homespun for the backing of my shaggy floral quilt.  So while Robin dropped me off outside the shop,  our car and caravan were taking up an awful lot of room straddling a large number of car parks.  Just as well it was quite early in the morning and there were not too many shoppers about.   With the shopping done, it was on to Paraparaumu to the motor camp.
DSCF6988 Our site at the motor camp
I did find time to get some stitching done in the weekend.  I am working on my “Under the Sea” blocks and this seemed quite appropriate as we were camped just across the road from Paraparaumu Beach.  I was busy stitching the yellow submarine with three little faces peeping out the portholes.  They seem rather worried about the large shark with the pearly white teeth cruising hungrily around the submarine.  These blocks are fun to do and I only have a few left to stitch now.
DSCF7005 The yellow submarine block
It’s always nice to get a little surprise, isn’t it?  Eileen had brought along two large pieces of Kiwiana fabric that she had forgotten she had.  These came to light after a bit of a tidy up, and she asked me if I could use them.  Of course I could, I told her, as I gratefully accepted them.  Thanks so much, Eileen.  I’m sure that I will find just the project for them.
DSCF7006 A weekend surprise gift

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