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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can you fix my flag?

I was doing an errand of mercy today, Robin asked me if I could fix his flag.  He likes to fly a flag when we are “In Residence” and the stitching around the edge of his New Zealand flag was coming undone.  So it was no trouble at all to find some navy thread, thread up the sewing machine, and stitch around the edge of the flag.  There, all done, that didn’t take too long at all. 
DSCF6969 The New Zealand flag
While this one was being repaired, our black and white Silver Fern flag was fluttering in the breeze.   With two different flags Robin can ring the changes, although I notice that the Silver Fern flag often gets brought out when the All Blacks Rugby Team plays an overseas team in a Test Match.  A trip to USA some years ago showed just how popular flying a flag was in that country, and how proud the population is to show their allegiance.  On our return home Robin decided he wanted to start flying our own flag.  We have a collapsible  flagpole which is attached to a post on the front deck.
DSCF6971 Silver Fern flag
After my mending stint I decided to work on my shaggy floral quilt and cut out lengths of green fabric for the borders.  But……..oh no, I don’t think I’ve got enough of that fabric left.  So I’m putting that aside until I can go back to that particular out of town shop to get some more.  There is no point in starting the border in case I can’t get what I want and have to change plans.  What a bother!


Maria said...

Oh I am so pleased my DH did not see you drape the flag on the ground. He is an ex serviceman and apparently that is a real NO No but I won't tell. Okay .
You are a good girl fixing it for Robin. They do not last long in the wind. We replace ours every 6 mths or so.

Hope you get your fabric.

Linda said...

You too? Yesterday I had to fix the strap of a water bottle and sew two buttons onto a pair of cargo shorts before I could get to "real sewing." Then, I realized I didn't have the right fabric to continue working on a challenge quilt. Now I have to get to an out-of-town quilt shop to find what I need. Isn't that always the way it seems to go?

Jenny said...

Hi Maria

Oh no, I didn't put the flag on the ground. It was artistically draped over a tree - hope that is an OK thing to do?