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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Patchwork Pottery

What do pottery, printing and patchwork have in common?  Ceramic artist Fiona Tunnicliffe has produced some lovely creatures with a certain “patchwork” look  to them.  Horses, cats, pigs, and even a rhino are currently on display at Expressions Gallery, Upper Hutt.    Here are a few pieces that took my fancy, but there are plenty more on display.
DSCF6853Patchwork Cat and Horse
I like the way that these ceramics have a patchwork flavour to them.  Dots, stripes and patterns in the pottery all go together rather like the different fabrics used in a pieced quilt block.  The quirky look certainly adds to their appeal.
Expressions say “Fiona Tunnicliffe’s ceramic pieces have been created with such skill and confidence and she has captured the character and spirit of these animals perfectly”.  The exhibition finishes on 14th August so there is still a little time to go and view it.

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Margherita said...

I really would like one of Fiona's horses .. I've seen her large sculptures and didn't know she did small versions. Will have to look out for them.