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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A visit to Pete’s Emporium

Pete’s Emporium say they have  “Something for Everyone”. That may well be quite true, but to a sewer, stitcher or craft person, they also have the most amazing haberdashery area.  Here there definitely something for everyone, and all at most competitive prices too.  Pete’s Emporium had moved since my last visit.  Not too far away, and I easily found the new shop just across the road.
The haberdashery area was the main reason for my visit, and the manager was quite happy for me to take a few photos.  My specific task was to choose some ric-rac to add to a border on my stitchery heart quilt.  As the ric-rac selection was on a very low shelf, I was soon on my knees while I looked through the colours.  I was after some green, and there were several different shades of that.  But then I spotted the burgundy – oh I like that colour too.  After a little humming and haw-ing, enough indecision – I decided on the burgundy. 
DSCF7198 Ric-rac decision time
There were shelves and shelves of goodies to look through.  As well as plenty of ric-rac, look at all that lace, braids and cord.  Need some buttons?  Heaps of those as well.  And something I’d never seen before, jar after jar of tiny little dolls.
DSCF7200 Lace braids and cords
DSCF7199 Buttons galore
DSCF7202 Jar after jar of tiny dolls
Pete’s Emporium also have some  knitting wool, a small selection of patchwork fabric, and lots of other fabrics including Pacific Island prints.  A whole stand full of ribbons, jars and jars of bells and lots of novelty items too.    If you are passing by, this shop is well worth stopping at for any craft related haberdashery.  I really could have spent hours there, “just looking”, but had to get on to my lunch with the caravan club ladies.  Guess I’ll have to allow a lot more time on my next visit.   


loulee said...

Sigh.....There is nowhere like that on my island.

Lis said...

Such fun!

Linda said...

What an impressive looking place! Oh how I'd love to browse through there, with you, of course!