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Sunday, August 21, 2011

No outfit is complete without cat hair

Isn’t there a saying that goes something like “you can’t make an omelette with cracking a few eggs”.  It’s a bit like living with a cat, because there is always a little cat hair floating around.  Not that our Muffy sheds a great deal of hair, it just seems to float around in the air and land on things.  This cushion I saw at the cattery says it all.
Muffy loves to be close to us, and evens climbs up on my sewing machine cabinet when my back is turned.  Of course she can’t stay there when I am sewing, that could be dangerous.  She has been known to pat away at the scissors until they drop over the edge – just hope she doesn’t do it to my box of pins because that top off is off!
DSCF6297 Climbing on the sewing cabinet
She is a very “laid back” cat and we find we can pick her up and she just stays where we put her.  Surely she can’t be very comfy tucked up like this?
DSCF7116 Just look at Muffy’s position - how comfy is that?
Cats and quilting just seem to go together, don’t they?  So it doesn’t really matter if there is a bit of cat hair floating around.  In all honesty, I find more snippets of fabric and thread on the carpet than cat hair! 


June said...

That is so true Jenny - and I have a great photo of one of my cats curled up in my sweater drawer! That'll teach me to leave it open.

Lesley said...

Have just found your site today thanks to a computer friend. I can see Im going to enjoy the stories etc. I know what cat hair is. We have 2 Birmans, plus an ordinary puss. Cat hair is just part and parcel of our terrirtory.lesley

Margherita said...

Yes cat hair does seem to turn up everywhere .. I'm sure we have more of it in the house than actual cats :). Enjoying your photos of others work