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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I’m having my own sewing day today

My club, Pinestream Quilters, is holding a sewing day today.  There are several classes on offer, and space for those who want to work on their UFOs too.  It is a very reasonably priced day out, with the added bonus of a hot lunch and evening meal provided as an optional extra.  This allows the ladies to stay later and stitch into the evening, if they wish.  After a bit of soul searching, I decided not to attend, as much as I would have liked to.  But, to be honest, I have been getting out and about with quilt related activities lately.  I attended my fortnightly Stonestead Stitchers get-together on Thursday, and then met up with my monthly group the Friday Stitchers on Friday afternoon.  Then on Monday, I will be attending my other monthly stitching group, Stitching Monday.  These meetings all seem to have come together.  So I had my own sewing day at home today, and stayed behind to keep DH company. 
Before I got started on any sewing, I thought I  would get the ironing done and out of the way.  When my back was turned, Muffy jumped up on the ironing board to “help”.  I was in the middle of ironing some of the New Zealand fabric my friend Eileen recently gave me, it is such a pretty fabric.  I am one of those quilters who always pre-wash my fabric before using it.
DSCF7055 Muffy on the ironing board
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon stitching the green borders on my floral shaggy quilt, and doing some easy machine quilting on them.  Thank goodness that is done.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get the binding stitched on.  The weatherman has promised a severe winter storm, with gale force winds and snow to low levels, so it will be a good day to be tucked up safe and warm inside, wouldn’t you say?  
DSCF7056 Stitching the borders on


Maria said...

You have been out and about lately Jenny.
Love the Scottie Dog quilt you have hanging up.
Sounds like a great idea to stay in where it is nice and warm tomorrow.

June said...

I thought I might have seen you to catch up Jenny - boy, it was really busy but you certainly made good use of your time.