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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hanging Kathryn’s Quilt

“Remembering Graeme” was stitched from shirts, ties, and tee-shirts and given to my friend Kathryn to commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of her partner Graeme in July.  After proudly displaying the quilt to family, friends, and workmates, Kathryn returned it to me with the request for a hanging sleeve.  That was easily done, and Robin duly cut a timber slat to size, and purchased the necessary screws and hooks.  With a few tools to do the job, we visited Kathryn so that we could hang her quilt.  She had just the spot for it, she told us.  So Robin duly measured, marked the spots where the hooks should go, and before you knew it, the job was all done. 
DSCF7255 Kathryn with her quilt
Kathryn had asked if I could make her a table runner “sometime”, and I had just the fabric in the bag full of clothing I used for the quilt – a rather nice paisley in browns with a touch of orange.  This silky fabric needed to be stabilised as it was very slippery.  I added some apricot with white spots fabric from my stash, plus some cream for the background, and used the brown paisley as the binding.  After tossing around all sorts of ideas for the table runner, I finally decided to stick with the star theme.  The lounge curtains are burnt orange, so both the quilt and the runner tie in nicely with the colour scheme.
DSCF7256 Table runner
After a nice cup of coffee and a piece or two of chocolate cake, Robin set to with the tools again and put the hall door back on his hinges.  “That was easy”, he told us, and I think he rather enjoyed his bit of Builder’s DIY.

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FlourishingPalms said...

A very pretty quilt, and it looks so well hung on that wall! A perfect spot for it indeed. How kind of you to make the table topper too. You're a true friend.