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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sewing and snowing

We had a lazy day at home today and I spent several hours at the sewing machine.  Of course, I had to stop to make cups of coffee, get the lunch, prepare the evening meal, (even had time to make a pudding), but even with all those interruptions, I am pleased with what I have done.  First job was to cut the binding for my shaggy floral quilt, and stitch it on with the walking foot.  I toyed with the idea of using up all the leftover floral pieces and make a scrappy binding but………  No, that is not really me.  Being a Libra, I really need to have everything “balanced”.  And a scrappy binding does not come into that category at all.  Wonder if I will ever get to be more liberated with my stitching?
DSCF7057 Stitching on the binding
That was quite a big job and took some time.  It was a cold day but we were quite cosy inside.  And I am nice and warm clad in my “special” quilting top.  It is a sweat shirt emblazoned with the logo of “Capital City Quilters, Juneau, Alaska”, and was sent to me some time ago by my pen-friend Diane, who lived in Alaska at the time.  (And we went to visit her in Alaska, but that is another story).  Next job was to cut and stitch some strips to make into nine patch blocks for another project.  There, all ready to assemble for when I want to work on that particular quilt again.
DSCF7058 I need some more 9 patch blocks
As the day wore on, the temperature kept dropping.  The Weather Service had warned that another Polar Blast was travelling up from Antarctica and severe weather would blanket  the whole country.  A friend phoned through excitedly to say there was snow falling in their suburb.  A short time later it had arrived here too.  Snow fall on the ground is most unusual in our part of New Zealand.  It looked beautiful, but brrr, it’s cold outside.
DSCF7076 Slippers in the snow
DSCF7077Snow on the balcony and gardenP8140146Our caravan in the snow at home

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Julie said...

I do hope your van has really good heating, or do you not travel much in winter? We have a little blower heater and it warms up our van beautifully, but the floor is still icy cold in winter.