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Saturday, July 30, 2011

All Tied Up – Minerva Exhibition

Cuba Street was full of people out enjoying the sun, eating lunch and sipping lattes while they sat at tables outside the many cafes which lined the street.  It was the last day of the school holidays and the children shrieked as they watched the famous Bucket Fountain splash water all over the footpath.
DSCF6915 Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street
I was off to Minerva Gallery to check out the exhibition “All Tied Up”.  Two exhibitors were showing their creations made from recycled ties.  Margherita Allan had a series of wall quilts  on show, and Jan Huthwaite  was exhibiting some wonderful handbags.  As luck would have it, Margherita was in the gallery and she was quite happy for me to photograph her amazing work.  It was wonderful to meet her and talk about her passion of working with ties. 
DSCF6921 Stained Glass
DSCF6918Purple Reign – woven together
DSCF6920Half Way Round, and Kimono
DSCF6922Red Variation 
All these pieces were very beautiful and some featured yarn couching. 
All the bags made by Jan Huthwaite were well worth a close look and there was a lovely dark blue one that I could have happily taken home.  I loved the way Jan had colour co-ordinated the ties for each bag, and it was interesting to see the subtle differences between them.  The creative talent of these two women is amazing and the two exhibits together certainly compliment each other.  Ladies, this shows what can be done with all those  ties lurking in your husband’s wardrobe.  
DSCF6919 A selection of handbags made from ties
I was lucky to make it in to the gallery just before the end of the exhibition – I am so pleased I didn’t miss it.


Maria said...

Unbeleivable what can be made outf ties.

Katie said...

Fascinating. I've never felt the urge to work out what to do with ties, but it's amazing what people do with them. :-)

Margherita said...

Hi Jenny. Thanks for letting me know you had blogged. And thank you for such lovely comments and photos. It was great meeting you and now after checking out your blog I feel I know you even better.. love your cat.Thanks also for the selvedge blog, which I'll pass on to one of our guild members who is just starting working with them .. I liked her quick flying geese idea and want to try that somewhere in my art. look forward to following your quilt and road travels, enjoy the south island.

June said...

Thank you Jenny for sharing those really great photos.