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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why are you cutting up my dressing gown?

Robin doesn’t usually take too much notice while I am cutting fabric and stitching it back together but he is always interested in the finished product. But he was rather taken back at my latest creation.  I like to do my rotary cutting on the kitchen counter as it is just the right height for me.  On my cutting board was a jumble of cream and orange fabric, and an old brown silky dressing gown.  “Why are you cutting up my dressing gown”, he asked me accusingly.
DSCF6865 Whose dressing gown is this on the cutting board?
Of course, it wasn’t his dressing gown at all, although I must admit it looks quite similar to the one hanging in his wardrobe.  The dressing gown in question belonged to our friend Graeme, who passed away a year ago.  I received a whole bag of his assorted clothing and recently made a Memory Quilt for Kathryn, Graeme’s partner.  She had also asked if I could possibly make her a table runner, so that was what I was working on.  Made up of two brown silky stars with orange points, and one with the colours switched around, I had decided.  This would tone in  nicely with the colour scheme at her home. 
DSCF6864 Table runner in the making
After several hours spent at the sewing machine yesterday, it’s coming along quite well.  Just the machine quilting to do now, then the binding and it will be completed.  And Robin is pleased to know that his dressing gown is hanging up safe and sound where it belongs.

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