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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I’m covered in threads

I’ve been busy today assembling the last portion of my shaggy floral quilt and snipping away at those exposed seams.  So it’s no surprise to find that I’m covered all over in threads.  They are clinging on tight to my woolly jumper, and they absolutely love coming along for a ride all down the legs of my fleecy trousers.  Plenty of the threads are lying all over the carpet in the lounge too, you wouldn’t think that I vacuumed yesterday.   
DSCF6830 The floral shaggy quilt
The quilt was thrown over our bed to try it out for size – no, it’s just a bit small.  It could do with another row or two around the outside.  So out came my dwindling collection of light and dark florals to cut up into squares.  That will be the next job – perhaps I’ll cut them today and pin each block up with the winceyette and backing, That always takes a lot longer than you anticipate.  Then I can get on to stitching the blocks tomorrow.
DSCF6829 All ready to cut into more squares
I’ll need a new name for this quilt, as “shaggy floral” isn’t a very inspiring name.  As I’m making it for my sister’s Golden Wedding Anniversary, perhaps something like “The Garden of Love”, or “Golden Anniversary Bouquet”?  

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texascraft said...

This will look lovely when finished