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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunny morning at Stonestead

How nice to see a change in the weather today, after days of wild and stormy weather,  when I drove up to meet the Stonestead Stitchers group.  As we arrived one by one, and settled ourselves down, out came the bags of stitching.  It was obvious that Cheryl was not making a quilt when she pulled out some delicious red slinky satin.  She was turning straps on a ball gown she was making for her daughter to wear to the School Ball.  We didn’t have school balls in my long ago college days, although I do remember attending a dance or two.
DSCF6755 You shall go to the ball!
There were two hexagon projects being worked on today.  Bridget had a whole bag of pretty pink and green hexagons all assembled into flower blocks, and she busily stitched some more together. 
DSCF6758 Bridget working on her floral hexagons
Liz was going hexagons too, in an autumn hued colour way.  This is a good “take-along project” and goes all over the place, she said, particularly when she accompanies the family to the swimming pool.  Then she can sit and stitch, while she watches.
DSCF6756 Liz with her hexagons
Liz had brought along a big bag of goodies to show us.  Her daughter had visited the town of Intercourse, in Pennsylvania, and had bought her Mum a whole heap of Civil War reproduction fabrics, a quilt kit, books and magazines.  It would have been a bit like Christmas to get such a gift, wouldn't it?  These were all passed around for us to see, feel the fabric, and flick through the books and magazines.
DSCF6757 Look at all these goodies
Mary was working away on her large Christmas banner, one letter at a time, and today’s letter was  “L”.  That is a lovely Christmassy background fabric being used.
DSCF6760 Part of Mary’s Christmas banner
We are all very impressed with Ruth’s beautiful piece of Mountmellick embroidery.  She stitched away and explained that the part she was working on needed to be stitched over three times to give it the required padding.  This is obviously a long term project and we enjoy watching it as the piece progresses.
DSCF6759 Ruth is concentrating hard
I was the only one with knitting today.  I’m using up some left over shaded yarn and making a toddler’s jumper to put away in my “baby box”.  I’m up to the sleeves, and then just have to knit the little hood.  Who knows, sooner or later there might well be a new baby in the family – a great grandchild perhaps sometime in the future?  
DSCF6761 Knitting sleeves
After our stitching time had concluded, I drove back home in the sunshine.  And wouldn’t you know it, the sky clouded over, the temperature dropped, and the hail came down!  Luckily that didn’t last too long, but it is winter after all. 

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