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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ollie Octopus on Duty

Remember the Swine Flu scare last year? I was well protected at work with my little piggy friends doing “swine flu protection duty”. Arranged on my shelf I have a blue floral pin cushion pig, and a 25th Anniversary gift from Joy, a pair of little ceramic pigs decorated with hearts. My theory is that the piggies will keep the swine flu germs at bay. Joining them is a new kid on the block, Ollie Octopus, all the way from UK.

DSCF3460 Ollie Octopus

My friend Janet from Cromer, England sent me Ollie a while ago with the following message. “Ollie Octopus – to join your pigs on the anti swine flu shelf”. It’s certainly working, I haven’t contacted swine flu yet. Mind you, having a flu injection probably helps too!

DSCF3457 Hard at work keeping the flu bugs away

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