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Saturday, May 1, 2010

How many UFOs did you say?

My friend Carol from South Dakota wrote to me in a bit of a state. She decided to compile a list of projects started but not completed. She said, “When I got to eighty one I quit and did not look any more. That is a terrible amount and I am surprised I have so many”. Carol’s quilt guild is encouraging everyone to bring their list along, and hopefully they will work on them during the year and whittle the number down a bit.

I’m not going to have a count up of UFO’s, I decided. I’m not really sure how many I have but……..there are those two large bed quilts in sitting room that I’m still assembling, black and whites for my daughter and burgundy and cream for my niece. The cot sized Angel quilt needs the border finished. Then there are the two bed quilts hanging on my quilt stand still only half machine quilted.

DSCF3464 Two quilts waiting for me to complete the machine quilting

Oh, and I nearly forgot, my exploding stars quilt with all those lovely signed blocks from our UK holiday two years ago is still only half put together. That’s just what I have in the sitting room.

DSCF3466 Exploding stars quilt still in pieces

My sewing machine lives in the dining room, and I have a corner jam packed with bits and pieces. What’s there, I wonder? A summer nightie I’ve smocked and have yet to stitch up. Healing Heart blocks I received when I was undergoing chemo and radiation, thanks everyone who sent me a block, receiving them certainly brightened up those dark days. A Father Christmas body waiting to be stuffed, and I’m stitching a new Christmas cushion for the caravan. There’s that apron I started, and those pretty floral blocks I was going to stitch into a table cloth. Not to mention all those lovely New Zealand fabrics that I was going to make something with. Anything else in that corner can just stay hidden.

I have to admit that I have a little secret. Tucked away under the computer desk in the spare bedroom is a large basket full of different bags of blocks, collections of fabrics, goodness knows what else. I’m certainly not going to investigate all those bags at the moment, that’s much too scary. What exactly is a UFO anyway? Does the fabric I’ve put together to do a quilt “one day” count? I’m sure I’ve got several lots like that. And what about all those swaps I’ve taken part in? And I know I’ve got several patterns with the pieces cut out, all ready to start stitching. Goodness knows what else I have hidden away! And then there is a couple of half finished things in my knitting bag. Ahhhh……. where does it end? But there is no way my UFO’s reach Carol’s number of eighty-one. Do they? I’m never going to count them to find out!

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