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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Keeping warm in Winter

The winter chill is starting to make itself felt in my part of the world, so a change of bed quilt was called for. Out came my pink and grey pussy cat quilt made with nice warm New Zealand woollen batting, That will certainly keep us toasty warm tucked up in bed during the cold winter months.

DSCF3604 Memories of Misty - 2001

This quilt was made in memory of our previous cat Misty, a beautiful long haired grey half chinchilla cat, who lived to the grand old age of nineteen. This is a “friendship quilt” as I asked quilting friends and pen-friends if they would like to contribute blocks. I supplied the pink background, plus the pattern too, of course, and I received many signed blocks in various shades of grey. I had been collecting grey fabric for some time, so I had plenty on hand to make the remaining blocks.

DSCF3603 One of the cat blocks

The backing is a wonderful black and white cat print, and I had the quilt commercially quilted. It is certainly my favourite quilt to use in the middle of winter as it has wool batting.

DSCF3606 My Scottish Heritage - 1994

I like to ring the changes in the quilts I hang in the hallway over the linen cupboard door. The flue to our gas hot water heater goes up through the roof and we sometimes get a bit of a draught there. Today I have hung up “My Scottish Heritage” quilt over the doorway to keep the winter chills away. Being a single bed size it cuts down the draught we get. This quilt was made way back in 1994 and I made it to honour the Scottish ancestry in my family. When my granddaughter Emma was little she like to go to bed with the Scotty dog quilt. “Those dogs kept barking all night”, she would tell me in the morning.

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Jenny said...

love the cat quilt looks really cosy.

FlourishingPalms said...

While I'm not a cat-lover myself, I think your quilt, especially as a memory of your special pet, is very nice. I'm giggling that one quilt can keep you warm on a cold night. Here on a cold night it takes at least three quilts to keep us warm! Or maybe it's that I need to make a WOOL batt quilt.

aubirdwoman said...

love you quilt. Like Linda I have 2 quilts and a knee quilt on the bed at the moment.

Jenny said...

Three quilts on the bed, wow! I thought Wellington weather was cold in winter. Some of you must live in colder climes than us. But...... I do have fluffy flanelette sheets on the bed too, the electric blanket turned on high, a cozy winter nightie right down to my toes, and Muffy the cat curled up against my legs. And of course my favourite quilt made with lovely warm Kiwi woolen batting on top.