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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dolls Houses for Grown-ups

The Chestnut Gallery in Greytown specialise in dolls houses and made to scale miniature furniture. A group of us went to visit in the weekend and check it all out. The business is situated in a pretty little cottage which is full to overflowing with dolls houses and accessories of all types and styles.


Many of the dolls houses are obviously made for the serious adult collector who has an interest in miniatures. This wonderfully ornate old style American house had tiny individual shingles fixed to the roof. Period style furniture is displayed in lovely glass cases, including tiny little dinner sets. Tiny light fittings are there to add to the house of your dreams to illuminate it in the evenings. And to add just the right finishing touch, small sheets of wallpaper are available to decorate the rooms in your preferred style.


DSCF3616Just for grown ups, a beautiful period dolls house

There were more robust dolls houses on display that little girls could quite happily while away many a happy hour rearranging all the little items of furniture inside them. All this made me feel quite deprived and rather envious, as I’m sure that I never had a dolls house when I was a little girl.


DSCF3627 Especially for little girls

There was a small selection of quilts on display too. Someone has been busy stitching these.

DSCF3617I even found something for Robin to play with. Do you think he would like this toy caravan and green convertible car for Christmas? With the lift up top, hinged front, and all the caravan fittings he could have hours of fun, don’t you think?

DSCF3614Toy caravan and car

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Lis Harwood said...

Ha, ha, you have got to get that caravan for Robin!
Hope you're keeping warm over there :)