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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Krazy Cow

Certainly an unusual name for a quilt shop, isn’t it? I came across this quaint shop during our weekend trip to Levin. It is situated in the former Levin Railway Station at the southern end of town. This certainly needed checking out. One of the joys of travelling is visiting out of town quilt shops. There is sure to be something inside that you really must take home.

DSCF3664 The Krazy Cow quilt shop in Levin

The shop was light and airy with classroom facilities at the far end. There was a good range of fabric on the shelves and quilts adorned the walls. Lots of stock to look at and ponder over. The friendly owner was quite happy for me to take a few photos and took my details to put me on her newsletter list. I purchased a pattern, and just a little fabric, after all, I really couldn’t help myself! This is a lovely shop to visit if you are passing through Levin.



Fancy a coffee on your visit? No problem – there is a “coffee shack” on the premises and you can relax on one of the comfy couches while you sip your latte.

DSCF3662Fancy a coffee?

Jigger the parakeet keeps his eye on the customers. He is such a colourful pretty little bird, and so friendly.

DSCF3658 Hello, my name is Jigger

If you love parrots you will be interested in our visit to the Parrot Ranch during our weekend at Levin. Check out our other blog www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com for more parrot pictures.

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Lis Harwood said...

Very sensible to have that coffee place and sofas - ideal for the non-quilting partners on our travels!

Jenny said...

That is certainly true, but my DH is quite happy looking around a hardware shop while he is waiting, if there is one nearby.