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Thursday, April 8, 2010

That’s certainly different

There was an intriguing snippet in the brochure we picked up about the Dannevirke Gallery of History. What on earth was Danish Hair Embroidery, I wondered, it certainly sounded interesting. Must admit it wasn't really what I expected. The framed piece was made to celebrate the marriage of Brendt and Lisbet Johannsen , settlers in Dannevirke, and was completed in 1886. It was certainly different to see a piece of this type of hand work.

DSCF3263 Danish Hair Embroidery

Hand made lace, buttons, thimbles, needles and threads, embroidered pieces galore, there were items aplenty safely tucked away in glass topped cabinets for me to drool over. I like to think of all the ladies diligently working away at their stitching in years gone by, doing everything by hand.



On display were a several fabulous little bags. There was a beautifully embroidered clutch purse covered in hollyhocks, and a stunning white beaded evening bag that must have added the finishing touch to a glamorous evening out. Then there was a more homely woollen crocheted bag, and another black evening bag, giving a good snapshot of the type of bags stitched in earlier times.

DSCF3252Lovely examples of hand bags

Everyone used to have their beloved Singer sewing machine and many a family’s clothing and curtains were stitched on one just like this in years gone by.

DSCF3259 The trusty Singer sewing machine

Adding some Scandinavian flavour was this banner hanging on the wall, showing a bunch of Vikings with their war shields.

DSCF3256 Viking Banner

In 1872 Norwegian and Danish settlers arrived to help developed the rugged southern Hawkes Bay. They were sponsored by the Government, and over the years many more settlers from Norway, Denmark and Sweden arrived to join them. The Gallery of History tells their early stories and is well worth a visit if you are passing through Dannevirke.

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Laurie said...

I remember visiting Denmark many many years ago and seeing hair embroidery seems... it must be something that has been passed down through the ages ... and as they all had long hair it was a case of waste not want not ...may be.
hugs Laurie