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Monday, April 19, 2010

Are those hexagons I see?

Certainly not what I expected to see on the wings of German planes while viewing the WW1 Fighter Collection at the Vintage Aviator, Hood Aerodrome, Masterton. These early planes used linen cloth on the wings. Camouflage fabric was developed to give the pilots an extra advantage.

DSCF3393 Looking at the underside of the wing

A second plane, an early Fokker, had a more muted colour way. These aeroplanes are regularly used in air shows so I expect that some fading occurs with exposure to the elements .

DSCF3391 A different colour way of the linen fabric on the wings

The Vintage Aviator restores these early planes and I had quite an interesting conversation about the fabric. The company that produced it during the war is still operational, and were approached to see if they could screen print more fabric to be used for further restoration. They researched their records, and soon had the order on it’s way to New Zealand. There was a piece of this fabric in the shop, I was told, come and touch it and see what it’s like. That was certainly kind of them, I thought.


It just goes to show that where ever you go, there is sure to be something that relates to our P & Q interest. Must admit that the old aeroplanes were very interesting too, of course.

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Lis Harwood said...

What a great post - it's obviously true what Al believes that quilting is taking over the world!! We're back at BiL's now and have somehow to sort out our luggage ready to leave next week (ash clouds permitting). It was great to meet up with you and Robin, we had a lovely evening thank you.

Jenny said...

Great to meet you as well, Lis and Alan. Hope you manage to board the plane without too much delay, and have a safe trip home.