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Friday, April 23, 2010

Daisy the Turtle

Daisy the turtle is finally finished, and now has a new home with my colleague Joy. Joy is a real turtle lover and has 400 or so at home, mostly little tiny ornamental ones, and some stuffed toy turtles. Lucky Joy also has some rather nice turtle jewellery items as well, brooches, pendants and charms for her bracelets.

DSCF3434 Daisy the Turtle

The pattern for Daisy came from Homespun magazine, No 76, Vol 10.9, and was designed by the duo of “Audrey and Maude”. I just had to make one for Joy, after all, if she can collect 400 turtles, she really deserves another one to add to her collection. The body slips inside the shell, which is stitched together, and finished off with blanket stitch.

DSCF3436 Joy loves her new turtle

Joy cuddled her new toy all day at work, then took Daisy home and put her on the bed with the other stuffed toys. The name Daisy was a obvious choice as I had used a pretty daisy fabric for the shell. It was fun to make, and a pleasure to give it away to such a loving home.

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Very cute :)