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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Stitching Monday

The month has rolled around again and it is time for another Stitching Monday. Now, who’s sewing what today? Only a couple of ladies brought along their sewing machines, most were busy with handwork. Gaye has been working on a stunning turquoise Disappearing Nine Patch. The beautiful shades work so nicely together, with just a little flash of colour peeping through here and there. It needs another border, Gaye decided, then it will be just about right.

DSCF3420 Turquoise Disappearing Nine Patch

Jo was stitching some black and white blocks together, so I went over to see what she was doing. I’m also doing a black and white quilt, so it was interesting to see that we had some fabrics in common.

DSCF3421 Jo’s black and white blocks

Our patchwork club has an ongoing project to make small quilts for the Neo Natal Ward at Hutt Hospital. Sylvia brought along her latest baby quilt that she has been working on, just needs the binding done now. She has decided that her plan is to produce one of these little quilts for the Neo Natal Ward each month.

DSCF3422 Sylvia with her latest baby quilt

Maureen has been busy too, finishing off a version of the popular eye spy quilt. It’s just about ready to be posted off to the lucky child, what a lovely present.

DSCF3423 Maureen withy her quilt

The rest of us stitched away with whatever it was we were working on. Thanks to Joyce for trying to show me how to crotchet an edge around a hanky. I feel all fingers and thumbs while attempting my hanky edge and don’t think I’ve got my hands in the right position yet. I’m only half way around the edge and it’s taken me ages, so I’ve got nothing much to show for all that time! Guess I need a lot more practice. Or perhaps I’ll just give up.

DSCF3435 This little bit took me how long?

We all had another productive Stitching Monday, all happily stitching together while putting the world to rights.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Hang in there with the crochet, it'll will all be second nature soon enough.

Jenny said...

I'll persevere for a while, but it is not easy for me, especially when I see other ladies with their fingers flying!!