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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend away in the caravan

We’ve just returned from a three day weekend away in our caravan, staying in beautiful surroundings, enjoying great weather, and all in the company of our caravan club friends.  I had time to do a little stitching, working on Christmas ABC stitcheries.  “W is for (Christmas) Wreath” - not finished yet, but I’ve made a good start.

W is for Wreath

There were plenty of ducks around to keep us amused.  The black mother duck no doubt hatched out lots of little ducklings but she only has two left now.

Hello duckies

We were staying at Mt Lees Reserve, a beautiful property gifted to the Crown many years ago for all to enjoy.  There are wonderful mature trees, a children’s playground, a bush walk, a large area for camping and the old homestead is now run as a B & B. 

Found in the garden

Although we had stayed here at Mt Lees Reserve several times, this was the first time we did the bush walk. We walked through native trees, exotic trees, and groves of bamboo.  Pretty native birds kept a watchful eye on our group as we passed by.  The fantails in particular are always happy to see people, as we stir up the insect life as we walk past the trees and bushes -  the fantails then catch them on the wing.

Ready for our bush walk

One particularly cheeky fantail stopped us in our tracks on the path as he twittered and hopped, flew from this branch to another, then back on the path again.

This fantail was happy to see us

There was also a quilt show on in an adjacent town, so of course I had to go for a visit.  More about this next time……..


Nancy J said...

I missed the quilt show, but that reserve is so beautiful. "W" is looking good too.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Love your "W" block! That bush walk must be interesting. The performing bird was sure fun to see!

Maria said...

Pleased you had great weather, lovely photos and sew nice to got some stitching done.