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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sew Wots Tuesday

We all met at Mary’s home today, and stopped to admire the beautiful garden on our way inside.  Mary definitely has green thumbs, and her garden is always a picture to behold.

Mary’s front garden

There were scarves aplenty at or Sew Wot morning.  Heather B had been to visit her friend Marlene, who sent her home with a selection of scarves for us all.  (Marlene knew some of the Sew Wot ladies before she moved towns).  Pick one, we were urged.

Scarves for us all from Marlene

It’s no surprise that I picked a blue one

Helen had been particularly busy and showed us the quilt she had made for her 10 year old grand-son.  This is an original design, and the boy had requested a silver fern.  Helen did a wonderful job in creating this special quilt.

For Helen’s grand-son

Helen and Mary both helped complete projects left when our Sew Wot friend Pam passed away.  Pam had started two quilts for her grand children, which will be returned to the family.

Two of Pam’s quilts

And we all used to chuckle about Pam and her “Rest Home Blanket”.  She would bring it along to Sew Wot mornings and do a little crotchet around the edge.  The blanket is now finished and will be returned to Pam’s son.

The famous Rest Home Blanket

It was so nice that everyone could share memories of Pam.  There was one more surprise in store for us all – Mary and Helen had made us all a Memory Jar using items from Pam’s sewing room.  The jars were packed to the brim with cotton, buttons, ribbon, lace, all manner of things from Pam’s stitching life.  It was such a lovely thought – thanks so much.

With our memory jars - Jenny, Moira, Mary, Carol, Heather B, Heather E


Raewyn said...

It sounds like a wonderful day - such lovely friendships that are built up with years of stitching together. Awesome that some of Pam's projects have been finished...love that you finished the resthome blanket for her :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a special day and lovely to have your friends quilt finished. The memory jar is a lovely idea also.

Kate said...

Such a talented bunch of friends you are! The memory jars are a wonderful idea.

HEATHER B said...

A happy and colour filled morning but the time goes so quickly!! Love seeing the progress of your UFO s. Now there are some other projects awaiting inspiration. Heather B

NickiJ said...

What a touching meeting. I'm emotional just reading it. It must have been wonderful to see your friends finish Pam's quilts and the memory jar would have been a wonderful idea to remember Pam by. I bet her family were pretty pleased that she has wonderful friends like you to complete the grandchildren's quilts and her "retirement" blanket.