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Friday, March 10, 2017

Animal Stampede

There’s been a stampede of animals in my sewing room lately.  All part of my “Animal ABC” UFO which I am working on this week.  I’ve been cutting, fusing and stitching and it’s been good to get some more done.  This project has been slumbering away undisturbed for much too long, so it is good to be getting back to it again. 

R is for Rhino through to W is for Wolf

So far I’ve completed a grumpy looking rhino, a cute squirrel and a majestic looking tiger.  Next  came a mythical unicorn galloping amongst the stars, a vixen and her cubs, and last of all a wolf, howling at the moon.

Unfortunately I don’t have any fabric with animals starting with either X or Y so I will have to work something out for those two letters.  I’ve come up with an idea or two so hopefully it will all work out successfully – fingers crossed for tomorrow. 


Nancy J said...

And they are great, I love those letters, big and bold, and the animals you found fit just right.

texascraft said...

Looking forward to seeing this quilt finished.

Jo said...

Hi Jenny

'Y' could be a yak.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I was curious. So I asked my friend google! Xenops is a South American bird. No idea where you could find one on fabric. Maybe print a picture on fabric?