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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Good and the Bad

It’s good and I’m so pleased that the lovely Poinsettia which my daughter gave me at Christmas is still thriving.  Three months later and I haven’t killed it with kindness – or in my case, neglect.  I’m not much of a gardener at all, and that includes pot plants.  The label told me that these plants like diffused light, so it is sitting on the table in front of the large windows.  And although it is nice and warm, the bright sunshine is certainly diffused  by the white sun filter curtains. 

Poinsettia on my NZ tablecloth

The plant pot is sitting on my New Zealand tablecloth, started when we did our South Island Odyssey trip several years ago.  I prepared lots of rail fence blocks using all sorts of NZ themed fabrics and pale grey.  As we travelled around I used my fabric marker pen (on the grey strips) to record places we had stayed, sights we had seen, trips we had done, (rail, bus and boat) and even special meals we had eaten.  Such as whitebait and Bluff oysters – so delicious.  The tablecloth is a great memory of our three months holiday down in the South Island. 

We have friends doing a return trip around the South Island at this time, and we wish them all the very best for a safe and happy trip.  Our plans are to go down again early next year again, there is so much to see and do.

Our lemon tree is sick

And the bad side of things?  What has happened to our lemon tree, we want to know.  All the leaves have turned yellow and dropped off, and we don’t know if the tree is dying or just having a bit of a seizure.  One of our neighbours said the same thing happened to her lemon tree last year, and it finally started growing fresh green leaves again.  Perhaps we will just have to wait and see if our small tree recovers too.  The weather has been really weird lately, so maybe that’s the trouble.  Who knows?


loulee said...

Love your table cloth. I plan to make one, one day! LOL
You must come a visit me when you head down south next time. I would love to meet you.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely memory in your table quilt. Happy about your poinsettia and hope your lemon tree recovers x

Janice said...

What a great tablecloth. As for your lemon tree......you know how Burt Munro made his thrive??

Maria said...

Like you I'm not a good gardener either but your Poinsettia looks good..
Hmm don't know what happened to the poor Lemon tre, maybe it will come back. Hope sew.

Leeann said...

Lemon trees don't like concrete surrounds. The lime leaches from it.
Take it away and it may recover, or you may have to get a new one

Jane in Cumbria said...

lovely tablecloth! What a pity about your lemon tree. Hopefully it will recover.....

HEATHER B said...

Yes Lemon tree does look rather retarded. We took the concrete circle off ours too. Good old Epson salts sprinkled around the drip line and if you drink tea the tea bags dropped around will really and truly help it recover. Just dont use citrus tree fertilizer. good luck. hb

Anonymous said...

So sad looking. I hope your tree comes back. I agree that Epsom salts are a good bet. They make rose bushes flush with roses, so it can't hurt the lemon tree.