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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

P is for Panda and Q is for….?

I’m working away quietly on my Animal ABC blocks – yet another UFO which I had started a while ago and then put away.  Out of sight means out of mind and it has only recently surfaced, and made it to my UFO list.  The next block to do was the letter P and I had some cute panda fabric in my bag ready to use.  But what animal starts with the letter Q?

P for Panda and Q for Quokka

An earlier  check with Mr Google told me all about quokkas.  This Australian marsupial is rather like a wallaby and is found on Rottnest Island, near Perth.  Not that I’ve ever seen one.  My Australian quilting buddy Janet kindly scanned a picture of a quokka onto fabric and sent it over to me to use some time ago.

I’ve also remade my J for Jaguar block as I was not happy with the previous one.  This jaguar is relaxing, ready to pounce on a passing animal at meal time.  And I’ve prepped several more blocks ready to sew, and trimmed some others down to size.  So I’m getting there, one step at a time.

J is for Jaguar

There are snippets of fabric and thread all over the floor – didn’t I just do the vacuuming yesterday, or maybe the day before?  But never mind, I’m being creative.


Nancy J said...

This is so cool ( The latest in adjective use by the younger ones!!), I do like it very much.

Elaine said...

Very pretty! Well done for finding an animal beginning with Q :)

Glenda said...

This is going to be a lovely quilt, I think your friend did really well to send you that photo of the Quokka, not many animals starting with Q LOL But good old Ozzie has one LOL. Cheers Glenda