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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Feilding Kowhai Quilt Show

A quilt show while away on a camping weekend – that sounded like a good idea.  Two of us went off to see what it was all about, non quilter Kath and myself.  When we arrived at Coach House Museum to find the car park quite full.  Always a good sign, this means that there were plenty of keen and interested ladies inside.


We paid our entrance fees, bought some raffle tickets and entered fairyland.  The quilts were draped all over vintage coaches and gigs right throughout the large museum.  The Hoffman Challenge is always interesting to check out.  Each entry had to contain some of the interesting border type challenge fabric, and could not be rectangular or square.  I loved the tall giraffes, made up of lots of tiny pieces, and very definitely not rectangular.

Hoffman challenge fabric and my favourite pick

We wandered slowly around the quilts on display, stopping to inspect those which really took our fancy.  Such as “Flowers in Art” by Bronwyn Dungan, combining both cross stitched blocks and applique.  Nice restful colours and very pretty indeed.

Flowers in Art

With a call out to her quilting buddies for some extra dot, spot and circle scraps, Marino Kitto soon had enough to complete “With a Little help from my Friends”.  Such a lovely bright and happy quilt. 

With a little help from my Friends

Stitching a patriotic Anzac Poppy quilt is on my wish list for “sometime” so I was really interested in “Anzac Poppies” by Margaret Arama.  Margaret was the lucky winner of the poppy blocks through a Block of the Month competition and assembled the blocks like a banner.

Anzac Poppies

What’s not to love about this striking zebra?   Joyce Waugh was asked to make a zebra quilt for her friend’s daughter.  Once it was made she found it difficult to give away so decided to make another!

Zebra by Joyce Waugh

And in keeping with the savannah theme, I rather liked “African Adventure” by Mary Lloyd.  After collecting enough African themed fabrics, Mary then stitched the quilt using many half square triangles.  You can see some of the old vintage machinery at the museum peeking out behind the quilt.

African Adventure

We saw several William Morris inspired quilts at the show.  This one, “William’s Irises” was a five year long labour of love stitched by Aimee Torwick.

William’s Irises

And look at these two stitchers sitting outside the vintage Hawkers Van from years ago.  These two happy ladies were hand stitching away and chatting to the show visitors as they walked by. 

Two friendly club members, happy to show us what they were doing

It was a lovely show, and a first for my caravan buddy Kath, who enjoyed it too.  Well done, Kowhai Quilters.


Kate said...

The quilt show looks like quite a treat.

Tired Teacher said...

Such beautiful quilts! The zebra is by far my favorite. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Would have loved that 'bush walk' Jenny. Interesting to compare all the flora and fauna. My what beautiful quilts; impossible to single out just one...the William Morris I love and the one combining cross stitch...but all are beauties.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thanks so much for taking us along to the show. Beautiful eye candy. Its always inspiring to see the work of other quilters. Lucky you x