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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When the Postie comes calling

Who doesn’t love getting letters?  Real letters, I mean, bills don’t count.  Nor does the multitude of flyers from shops that find their way into our letter box with monotonous regularity.  Emails are all very well for instant communication, and certainly have a place in our busy lives.  And of course I love being part of the blogging community, writing ours and keeping up with our favourites.  Must admit that I have no interest in Facebook or Twitter though.  I am lucky to corresponded with several overseas pen friends, all quilters, who write real letters from time to time.  The delight of finding one of these in the letter box occasionally really makes my day. 
I always keep the stamps from both overseas and domestic mail as they are much too interesting to discard in the rubbish.  Once a year or so, I offer my collection of used stamps to quilters on my internet group.  Just lately little envelopes containing my assembled stamps winged their way across New Zealand and Australia to those who have an interest in collecting stamps.  Some went both a quilter who will be sharing them with her father-in-law, and others went to a school girl who is taking part in her Duke of Edinburgh Award.  So it is nice to know that not only do my personal letters give me a great deal of pleasure, the stamps on the envelopes find their way to others who appreciate them.  And look, here is another overseas letter.  I’ll be sure to save the stamps for a future give-away.

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