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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slicing and dicing

I was full of good intentions to spend some time at the sewing machine today, but when I finally had a bit of time, it was getting too late in the afternoon.  I find that I really don’t enjoy sewing late in the day, so I did some some slicing and dicing instead.  First I measured and cut the binding strips for the memory quilt I’m making.  I’ll be sure to get the machine out tomorrow so I can get this stitched on.
DSCF6534 Quilt binding all cut
With the quilt club monthly stitching day coming up,  I sliced and diced in preparation for that.  Cut lots more floral squares to use in the raggy anniversary  quilt I’m making for early next year.  This quilt is certainly giving  me a chance to use up some of those smaller pieces of fabrics sitting in my baskets.  And those others which have been hanging around for a while.  They should all tie together nicely with some green to give it a garden look.  And I’ll have lots of squares all prepared to take along to the “Stitching Monday”. 
DSCF6536 Getting ready to cut those florals
So although I didn’t do any sewing today, I have been productive.  And there’s always tomorrow………..


Maria said...

Well done getting organised for your sewing day. I need to get something ready for our retreat the first weekend of July.

boysmum2 said...

I ahve discovered the reason why people are unable to comment on your post....because your comments are embedded in your post. Come obver to my blog and read my latest post to understand what I mean. Hope this helps

Jenny said...

Thanks for that, I have given oit a try and hopefully it will make things easier for people to add comments.