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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Holding and Plaiting

I’m enjoying working on my “Under the Sea” stitchery blocks, a free download from Willowberry Designs last year.  Yes, I’ll admit I’m a bit slow with them, and so far I am up to working on the fifth block.  But they are a “take-away” project and I quietly stitch away when I’m attending a sit-and sew group, or away on a caravan rally weekend.  I’ve enlarged the patterns and do my stitching with Perle no.5 threads, rather than the more usual stranded embroidery cottons, and keep the threads for this project in my little draw string bag.
However, I’ve long suspected that most stitchers are rather more tidy than me, when it comes to their threads.  This is what mine usually look like, all jumbled up and rather messy.  At the previous Stonestead Stitchers day a fortnight ago, Liz helpfully suggested that I plait the threads to keep them tidier.  Oh dear, I think I’ve been told off!
DSCF6530 A bit of a mess
So now I don’t dare return to the Stonestead Stitchers day tomorrow, without tidying up my thread bag.  “Robin”, I asked, “will you help me with some plaiting?”  “Plaiting?  I can’t do plaiting”, he said.  “I just want you to hold these for me”, I reassured him.  “Okay then,” he said with a sigh of relief, “I can do holding”.
DSCF6531 Robin practising his holding
So with his help, we sat there for half an hour, bringing order to the chaos.  He was holding, and I was plaiting.  I reminisced how I used to plait my daughter’s long blond hair when she was a little girl.  Finally the last colour was done.   Now I won’t feel ashamed next time I get my threads out in company!
.DSCF6532 Is this tidier?


Maria said...

Oh Robin you are good to help Jenny plait BUT how do you get one thread out????

Linda said...

Oh but your colors look so pretty all done up! And isn't it nice how your DH's fingers were just the right size for helping? Keep going on that "Under the Sea." It does make a pretty quilt!

Jenny said...

Good question Maria, I wondered that myself at first. But you just select one thread from the top and gently pull, it comes out very easily without unravelling the plait.

Leeann said...

I bought some perle cotton recently and this looks like a good way to store it. In the past I have tried to keep it in a hank but it tangles badly. Don't think I have a chance getting Hubby to help though! Probably the top of a chair will have to do.