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Monday, June 27, 2011

Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece has been operating in Karori, Wellington for the last three years and I have finally made it there.  To say it was a difficult journey would have to be an understatement – it was fraught with tension between Robin as the driver and me as the passenger.  It all went something like this.
Robin - “So where is this quilt shop?”
Me  - “It’s in the Karori shops somewhere.  I think it’s on the main road.”
Robin - “What is the street number?”
Me – “I don’t know the street number.”
Robin – “Well, then, what is the name?”
Me - “I can’t remember the name.  I should have brought my NZ Quilter magazine with the ad with me.”
Robin – getting exasperated - “How can you expect me to find a shop when you don’t know where it is and you don’t know the name?”
Me - “Oh look, there’s Marsden Village, I think it’s there.”
And it was!  Thank goodness for that.  Robin went to buy a paper to read while I went inside to check out the shop.
DSCF6634Piece by Piece, Marsden Village, Karori, Wellington
Piece by Piece is a small shop, full of colour and glorious fabric.  I introduced myself and asked if I could take some photos for my blog, and was graciously given permission.  I pondered over some glorious black and whites, including some with Japanese designs.  But after recently completing two black and white quilts, I probably won’t be making another.  I was still temped, though.
DSCF6631 All sorts of fabrics including some rather special black and whites
Robin came into the shop with the newspaper in his hand and was offered a seat to sit and read while waiting.  “Just move those quilts aside”, he was told.  So as he sat on the comfy chair with his nose buried in the newspaper, I looked at the fabric on the shelves surrounding him.  Christmas fabric was in the corner, and I checked out the 1930’s for a piece to use in one of my many UFOs.  Found just the right one too.
DSCF6630Handy seat for waiting husbands
I love batiks and this shop had an extensive range of these glorious fabrics.  A nice piece of a pretty purple and blue batik came home with me too. 
DSCF6632  Look at these yummy batiks.
DSCF6633 More quilts on display
I love exploring new (to me) quilt shops and Piece by Piece is a little treasure, I’m sure I’ll be back next time I’m in the vicinity.  And next time I’ll know exactly where to go, won’t I?  It is well the journey to those visiting Wellington.  Just make sure you have the address written down!


Katie said...

Looks like a lovely shop. :-)

cat in tassie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Jenny. Piece by piece looks like a nice shop to visit, I would definitely be spending some quality time with their range of batiks!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

hmmmm must get you to come down this way, you are doing a wonderful job reviewing quilt shops!! I found Piece by Piece when I was in Wellington recently.

Julie said...

I suppose you could do that, but it so much more exciting to stumble upon it like a treasure you weren't really expecting???

Jenny said...

Hi Shiree
We are in fact traveling to the South Island next year for a caravan holiday. You can be assured that I will have the latest copy of NZ Quilter with me so that I can check out some of the South's interesting quilt shops.