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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final few stitches

It's a good feeling when you put the final few stitches on a quilt, isn’t it.  This one is quite special, being a memory quilt, using items of clothing such as shirts and ties.  The machine quilting was completed, then I stitched on the binding.  I have finally worked out how the mitre the two ends of the binding together, instead of just tucking one edge under the other, as I used to do.  It’s all to do with measuring and snipping, then matching up the snipped edges of the binding.  I know it sounds a bit complicated, and you can guarantee that I generally try to match it the wrong way around to start with.  That’s why I always pin that final seam before stitching it, just to make sure!  Maybe next time  I’ll do it correctly the first time around.
DSCF6537 Attaching the binding
The binding was then folded and stitched down by hand, then the last job was adding the label today. 
DSCF6605 Binding completed and label on the back
The quilt will be coming with me to my Pinestream Quilters meeting for “Show and Tell” tonight.  Then it will be presented to the new owner next week, which may well be a sad day as it is the anniversary of our friend’s death, after which I can show a photo of the completed quilt. 

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Katie said...

LOL I always have to pin mine first too! :-)