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Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Weeks on

Two weeks on and it was time for another meeting of the Stonestead Stitchers.  Although I was running a little late, I still managed to be the first to arrive, so took the end seat by the heater.  These mornings have been very chilly lately.
DSCF6539 Two quilts hanging at Stonestead Tea House
One by one the ladies arrived, walked up the stairs, and sat down to enjoy the day.  Ruth was working on her Mountmellick embroidery piece and hadn’t got very far, she told us, as she had unpicked some of her earlier stitches.  This is a large piece of embroidery, so there will be a huge amount of time put into it.  Bridget was also having trouble stitching around her tiny Christmas stars, they were so small I’m not surprised it was difficult to stitch.  Liz was going great on her Klimt tapestry since we last saw her, it is full of interesting designs and in such lovely rich colours.
DSCF6542 Liz was working on her tapestry
It’s not that long till Christmas, Mary had decided, so she had started work on a new Christmas project.  This is a “Welcome” Christmas banner in lovely seasonal fabrics and we look forward to seeing it’s  progress.
DSCF6541 Mary with the blocks for her Christmas banner
The wool owl that Joyce was working on had been finished and suitably embellished.  The next step will be to make it into a cushion cover and it will then be a gift for her grand-daughter.
DSCF6544 Woollen owl
And we should have given Joyce an award for the oldest UFO!  She brought along some serviettes which she embroidered way back when she was only eighteen and hadn’t quite got around to finishing them.  (We weren’t allowed to guess how long ago that was).  They just needed a little extra embroidery to finish them off, so that was her task today.  Joyce’s mother had done the beautiful crotchet edge all those years ago.  These serviettes certainly are family heirlooms and very precious, aren’t they?
DSCF6545 Lovely family linen
We wondered what was in the great big bag that Cheryl brought in.  It was full of fabric for her next quilt, called Chestnut and Vine.  Cheryl’s husband loved the colours and design and chose this quilt while they were doing a bit of browsing on the internet.
DSCF6546 The start of a new quilt
And to show us that she hasn’t been sitting idle at home, Cheryl brought along the centre block which is is coming along nicely.
DSCF6547 The centre block of Cheryl’s new quilt
And what was I doing?  A bit of “secret squirrel” work which can’t be shown just yet.  And I just had to show off the tidy collection of threads in my little bag which were now all nicely plaited, (with a bit of help from Robin, I  might add).  So that is our get-together for this time.  I won’t be able to make the next fortnightly meeting, so it will be four weeks till I get back there with the ladies again. 

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