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Friday, June 10, 2011

I’m turning into my Mother!

Is this the fate of every daughter?  I’m turning into my mother.  She used to have a “baby box” full of little items for the next generation, and it looks like I’m heading the same way.  My late mother loved babies and did a lot of knitting.  Her box of little items included booties, matinee jackets, pretty jumpers and hats.  Whenever someone in the family announced that a baby was on the way, her knitting needles started clicking, and in no time at all lots of  little garments filled her box.  With the first five grandchildren arriving within two years of each other, she was certainly kept busy.  And once the grandchildren had all arrived, she was still ready for any new arrivals.  Neighbours new babies, friends grandchildren, even the cafe owner’s new baby, they all got a little something out of the famous baby box.
This is what I have to put in my baby box, to add to my very small collection so far.  More time ago than I care to remember  I started knitting squares out of some  yarn left over from another project.  I really enjoy knitting during long car trips and these little squares kept me busy for many a mile.  Some  plain, some striped, till I had used up all my leftover yarn.  These were sewn together then put aside and forgotten.  Then……..you know what it’s like, you go fossicking around and find things that had been put aside.  My little blanket needed some sort of edging to finish it off.  What to do?  So I picked up the stitches and knitted an edging with Feathers yarn. 
DSCF6481 My knitted blanket
It doesn’t look too bad for something made out of leftovers, does it?  Perhaps one day I will see my blanket on the floor with a cute little great-grandchild lying on it, waving little chubby legs and arms in the air.  My eldest grand-daughter is 21, so who knows what it in store in the future.  In the meantime, I will fold my little blanket up and put it away in my own baby box.


Marcie said...

That's very pretty, Jenny, and the 'feathers' border looks lovely. Must remember that!

Julie said...

I love that little tradition, I may just do something like that myself!