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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Stitching Monday

June already – goodness, isn’t the time flying by.  I took along several bags of “stuff” to sew on Monday, and managed to do quite a bit.  My main aim was to stitch some more floral squares together for the raggy anniversary quilt I am making, layers of top fabric, flannel in the middle and green backing fabric.  This was soon done, then I needed to cut some more squares to stitch, and later moved on to another project.  I didn’t quite get everything done, but I always like to take more than I might need.  Imagine sitting there with nothing to stitch, wouldn’t that be a disaster!
DSCF6587 Lots of floral squares stitched with flannel wadding and backing
Joyce was up to the binding stage on her Mariner’s Compass quilt.  We were all intrigued when she got a can of spray starch out and started spraying her binding strip before sewing it on.  “Doesn’t everyone starch their bindings?”, she wanted to know.  None of us had ever heard of this tip, but Joyce swears by it.  Joyce had cleverly quilted some cute little freehand whales over her quilt.
DSCF6580 Starching the binding strip
There was another Mariner’s Compass quilt in progress as well.  After carefully removing the paper backing Fay then sat and hand appliquéd her circle over the middle.  This small quilt is in red, black and grey.
DSCF6586  Fay’s Mariner Compass
It was nice to see Betty again and she was stitching down the binding on a quilt for her grand-daughter. In lovely shades of purple as requested, it had pinwheels of lime green and purple scattered across the top.  The quilt was commercially quilted by Sue B, who always does a wonderful job.
DSCF6582 Betty’s quilt for her grand-daughter
Lime green was a feature of Petronella’s quilt too, along with pink and purple.  She had stitched strips around each block and was working out to to put them all together.  This was a Block of the Month from Natalie Murdoch.
DSCF6584 Petronella’s blocks
Silvia was busy stitching her Block of the Month too.  This is “Kid’s Stuff”, a mystery quilt from Susan Claire.  Several other Pinestream members are stitching this BOM as well.  They all look quite different as everyone is using their own individual colour schemes. 
DSCF6585  Kid Stuff blocks by Silvia
We hardly ever see Maureen without some button hole stitch work in her hands.  Here is her latest creation, adding butterflies to her teddy bear block.  This will eventually end up as a little baby quilt for the Neo Natal Unit at Hutt Hospital.
DSCF6583 Maureen working on a baby quilt
It was another lovely day spent stitching together, plenty of chat and putting the world to rights.  Thanks ladies, for your company, and for your patience when I get the camera out and start snapping photos of your work.

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Maria said...

The ladies in your group make such beautiful projects Jenny.
No I have never heard of starching the binding either.