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Monday, May 30, 2011

All pinned up

Pinning quilts is never my favourite part of the quilt making process, especially as I usually do it on my hands and knees on the sitting room floor.  I don’t have one of those large handy fold up tables, so the floor it is. This quilt is only lap sized, and on reflection, I probably could have used the dining table.  But never mind, the job is now done and it means that I am one step closer to completion.  Not that I’m panicking yet, I still have several weeks till D Day.  I want to have it completed by the end of June.
DSCF6325 Memory quilt all pinned up
This memory quilt has been made with star blocks using items of clothing.  The star centre is part of a casual shirt, while the points have been made using a light jacket, and the pale blue sashing comes from a dress shirt.  The fabric for the background fabric and setting squares are from my stash.  My next job will be to do the straight line quilting around all the blocks, then decide what to do in the stars. Working with lots of different fabrics was certainly a challenge, and  I am rather pleased with how it all came together.  Now I just have to keep working steadily to get it finished in time. 

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Linda said...

This quilt is really nice, Jenny, especially knowing it's made of memories and upcycled fabrics. Straight line quilting around the stars is a good start. I happen to be ready to quilt these same stars on one of my own quilts. I'm thinking about a sort of snail shape. Start at the outer perimeter of the star center, and make a spiral that gets smaller to the middle. Then make a U-turn and spiral right back out. It's one of my favorite all over quilt designs. Have fun!