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Monday, May 23, 2011

A helping hand from Muffy

I’m working hard on the Memory Quilt I’m making for a friend who lost her partner last year, and I want to get it completed (and quilted) by the end of June.  Today I spent a little time pinning the borders on before sewing the last few seams.  Then I will have to decide if I want to make the quilt any larger.  Muffy obviously thought I was spending much too much time at my sewing and not enough time paying her attention.  “If you cant beat them, join them”, seems to be her motto as she jumped up onto the dining chair and climbed onto the sewing cabinet to see what I am doing.
Then she walked right around the back of the cabinet and sat on the other side to watch what was happening.
A little time later the last border was sewn on, and the whole quilt pressed.  And no, I decided not to add any more borders, the quilt looks fine as it is.  Next job is to piece the backing, then pin the three layers together, all ready for machine quilting.
DSCF6303 Muffy watching over the Memory quilt
It is rather unusual for Muffy to sit up so close to me when I’m at the sewing machine.  If she is not curled up somewhere comfy having a snooze, she is close by on the floor by my feet.  Our late friend Graeme was very fond of cats and used to pay Muffy a lot of attention when he called around to see us.  Perhaps she knows the quilt is all about him?

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Maria said...

It is so nice to have Muffy hepling you make your quilt. I am sure your friend will love it.