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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sultans of String

Sultans of String is an exhibition of five local creative men who make hand crafted string instruments.  Expressions Gallery showed a range of guitars, mandolins, bouzouki, violins, violas, ukulele, and cellos lovingly made by these craftsmen. 
“Once you make the first one, and get a sound out of it, you can’t wait to make another one”, states Frank McLoughlin.  After purchasing an electric guitar three years ago, Frank credits his neighbour Bernie for getting him started on his guitar making journey.  He had seven sleek and stylish Electric Guitars exhibited, made utilising local timber. 
DSCF6198Hand crafted guitars by Frank McLoughlin
Bernie Breslin has similar sentiments.  “Once I got started, the passion was so great that I had to carry on”, he said.  Such workmanship runs in the family, as Bernie’s grand-father made a violin in 1910, which Bernie viewed on a trip back home to Ireland in 2003.  He collected as much information as possible and made his first violin in 2004.  To date he has made 17 instruments, violins, bouzoukis, mandolins and guitars.
DSCF6197 An assortment of instruments made by Bernie Breslin
While Frank and Bernie keep busy in their workshops, their womenfolk are busy stitching.  Christine and Faye are both keen quilters and enjoy stitching their own original works of art.  Their respective households are full of creativity, the men make wonderful musical instruments while the ladies sew warmth and love with every stitch..
DSCF6200 Christine and Faye

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