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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Stitching Monday

I love our monthly Stitching Mondays and really appreciate my quilt club making them available at low cost to members.  (I used to take the day off work (with no pay) each month so that I could attend).  Now that my time is my own, it is no less special.  I thought it might be a very quiet day as there were only two ladies in the hall when I arrived.  Before too long others arrived and the place was humming with conversation.  Christine, Faye, Sylvia and Gaye sat together at one of the tables with their hand stitching.  Gaye told us that she has just enrolled in a “City and Guilds” Embroidery course.  That certainly sounds like a lot of hard work to me.
DSCF6252 Christine, Faye, Sylvia and Gaye stitching away
Christine and Sylvia are both working on “Kid’s Stuff”, a mystery quilt designed by Susan Claire.  It is interesting how different the same blocks look when made in a different colour choice.  Those coloured pencils look great and were fun to do, they said.
DSCF6253 Sylvia’s blocks
DSCF6254Christine’s blocks
Faye was busy stitching the binding down on her very pretty 1930s fabric quilt.  This had been commercially quilted by Sue B’s Quilting Service and Faye was very pleased with the results.
DSCF6260 Faye’s 1930’s quilt
Margaret was another busy bee and was stitching blocks together into four patches that she had made in Ronnie Rutter’s Scrappy Stripper class from many years ago.  This quilt will be donated to a good cause when it is completed.
DSCF6257 Margaret and her Scrappy Stripper blocks
We were all very interested in the eye-catching quilt Petronella was working on.  This was started at the Queenstown Symposium and was a design class run by Clare Smith.  The idea was to do a series of drawings, then merge them together to get a design, which didn’t have to mean anything, Petronella said.  Those shapes and colours makes for quite an interesting design, don’t you think? 
I had a productive day too. Another shaggy quilt is in progress, this one is for my sister and her husband who will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary early next year.  I am using florals and green for an overall garden look.  When I had stitched all the blocks I had prepared, I then moved on to my blue  healing hearts blocks.  Packed the sewing machine away after lunch and for the last hour I did hand stitching on my “Under the Sea” blocks.
DSCF6251 Floral blocks prepared for another shaggy quilt
Another day spent together with members from my quilt club.  Stitching done, advice given, and we all like to see what everyone is getting up to in their stitching lives.  Thanks again, ladies.

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Julie said...

Isn't it inspiring to share the work of other quilters, and in turn share their work with bloggers all over the world. Looking forward to seeing the raggy quilt finished.