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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hearts for Helen

Our friend Helen has sailed through with her op following a health scare and is at home taking things easy.  On hearing her “bad health news” several weeks ago I decided I wanted to make her a Healing Heart Quilt.  Not only for warmth and comfort, but also to show that we are thinking of her during this trying time.  Her quilt was made out of some black and white squares, left over from a previous project.  I added some appliquéd heart blocks in rosy red.  It is a “shaggy quilt” and I backed it with polar fleece printed with coloured hearts.  As anyone who has made a shaggy quilt knows, they are quite quick to assemble, but then snipping all those exposed seams takes ages.
Hiding among those black and white squares are cats, sewing machines, music, spots and stripes, silver ferns for New Zealand, and all sorts of interesting fabrics.  Some of these came from SCQ 2004 Retreat in Auckland, some from my overseas pen friends, and the rest from my own stash.  My black and white squares are just about all used up now!
We called around to give Helen her quilt and tucked it around her legs.  It will certainly keep her warm and cosy when she relaxes on the couch during her recuperation.
DSCF6091 Helen with her “Hearts for Helen” quilt


Maria said...

The quilt turned out really great and Helen looks very happy tucked up under it.

Frances Leate said...

A fabulous quilt and what a great friend you are. I am sure Helen will draw strength from this kindness during her recovery. Take care.