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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surfing is hard on the Neck

I spent much too much time on the computer yesterday, surfing the net.  (You didn’t really think I go surfing in the waves now?)  It was the  “Sew Mama Sew Give-away Day” and I spent hours trawling through the lists of generous bloggers who participate.  There was a huge amount of goodies up for grabs, fabric, knitting wool, patterns and hand made items.  Most participants just required you to comment on their blog, some asked particular questions, and others required you to become a follower to take part.  Must have ticked the “follow all replies to this post”  when I entered some of my comments, as my “in box” has been inundated with absolutely hundreds of comments made by others.  That will teach me to be more careful next time!  My neck is still sore from all that sitting yesterday, so I will have to make sure I move around a bit more today.  And…… I have the chance to maybe win a goodie pack perhaps?  Don’t really know what my chances are though, it was like a shark feeding frenzy out in Bloggerland yesterday!
So there was no stitching done yesterday, but look what I found outside the back door.  These little lovelies must think it is Spring!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I can relate! It's funny. I can sew for hours and feel great, but the computer causes pain.