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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sadly, too busy to sew

Its been a busy week,  too busy to sew this week.  So that means that I haven’t “rolled the dice” this week, sadly.  We’re off and away in the caravan tomorrow, and my sewing machine is coming with me.  Not to sew with, it’s all packed up and will be getting delivered to Barry (in Feilding) tomorrow, sewing machine fixer-upper extraordinaire.  Hopefully he will get it serviced quickly and I can get sewing again.

All packed up to visit Barry

But although the sewing news this week is a bit sad, I’ve got some really good news to share.  After waiting with fingers and toes crossed for the last two weeks, I’ve just been informed that my anniversary mammogram of “the bad one” has come back clear, with “no sign of recurrence of breast cancer”.  Thank goodness for that, now I can stop holding my breath.

I’ve also been having a clean up.  I’ve been on a bit of a search, looking through crates, boxes, and bags of this and that.  Looking for pieces of fabric I no longer required, for orphan blocks, patterns, wool, haby and craft books that are past their use by date, in my mind at least.  But one crafter’s cast offs will be swooped on with glee by others, I’m sure.  And the reason behind this clear out?  The Altrusa Club of Levin are collecting all these things for the Levin Fabric Bazaar, with the proceeds going to the  Arohanui Hospice, which is a very good cause indeed.

My donations for the Fabric Bazaar


Nancy J said...

Wonderful news, I am so happy for you. The fabric bazaar, please let me know when it is, and if I have had the knee surgery they think I need, will wander down. ( by car!!!).

Maria said...

Oh what fabulous news that your last mammogram is clear Jenny....
Sounds like a great idea donating your unwanted crafty things to the bazaar..

Kate said...

Such good news for you!!

Tired Teacher said...

Thrilled to hear your good news!.

Nothing better than a good spa treatment for a sewing machine. I hope you'll be able to pick it up soon.

Geri Abele said...

Glad to hear your good news! Wonderful! Really like your Christmas ABC blocks. It amazes me how many different things you do. I am trying to learn embroidery. Best wishes, Geri from USA

crazyquilter said...

Interesting, I could not leave a comment using Bloglovin' but when I took the time to go to your blog direct it seems I am now allowed.

Sad about not being able to stitch for a week or so, but glad about the good news on the medical front - what a relief.

I am sure you felt good for having a stitching clean out and to think the funds raised will go to a worthy cause - double good feeling.

Have a great time away in the caravan.

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. As I'm known as a bit of a worrier, I was so relieved to get the good news. There will be regular check ups of course. But in the meantime we can get on with things and make plans.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh that is fantastic news Jenny! It always feels so good to have a good old clear out and even better when you can pass them on to a new life. Enjoy your time away.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Wow Jenny that is awesome news. I'm sure a heavy weight off your shoulders. Though I think you handled it all splendidly. So happy caravaning and I'm sure the hospice will benefit greatly from such wonderful donations as yours.