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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mega Churn Dash–almost there

I’m not quite finished, but several steps closer to the finish line with my mega churn dash duvet cover.  So that’s exciting.  Today I’ve added facings for the closure.  And – first time with this machine, (how many years have I owned it?)  worked out how to make button holes.  And here I am, stitching away merrily on the button band.

Yes, I can stitch buttonholes!

Mind you, this all came about after I carefully  read the instruction book, found the buttonhole sliding foot, and pressed the correct button on the machine.  I then carefully did a practise one on similar fabric to make sure I knew what I was doing!  And then, concentrating very hard while the machine cleverly sewed down one side and back the other, the button holes were born.  Phew!  Don’t know if my efforts would get a pass mark from the judges on The Great British Sewing Bee, but they are good enough for me!

How to stitch button holes

With that behind me, I then spent a very pleasant time sitting at the dining table with sunshine streaming in, sewing buttons on the button band.  I found just what I needed in the big jar of buttons.  Most of them coming from mother-in-law’s collection which I acquired after she had passed away.

Plenty of buttons here

That’s all I’m doing today, I’ve decided.  Tomorrow I’m going to add fabric panels to the sides and base of the duvet cover.  I think I know how to go about it.  As I’ve said before -  I’m making this up as I go along.

Buttons and buttonholes added, nearly there now


Nancy J said...

I haven't used the button hole attachment at all!! Maybe now would be a good time to practise.Buttons, I have some from my Mum's sewing days, maybe about the early 1940's, and knitting needles that were my Grandma's, from a lot earlier, pre 1940, as she knitted socks for the men in the war. Another coolish morning here , Your duvet cover is looking so good, will you do a flange at the sides and end?

loulee said...

Why would a quilter need to know how to make button holes anyway? LOL my machine also has that function and I've never used it. Last time I made button holes was at school and there was no function on the machine. I made some wobbly holes!

Louise said...

Like Nancy and Loulee, I've never touched my buttonhole foot attachment. But reading about your duvet cover makes me think that a quilter could really use the silly thing! Love the giant churn dash...very modern!

Janice said...

Looking good. Don't you just love button jars full of treasures.