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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Just a little sewing this week

Although I’m keen to get cracking on UFO number 2, I’ve not had too much spare time for sewing this week.  My excuse?  Two trips to the hospital, and three days (Thursday to Sunday) away in the caravan. Read about our weekend away here and here.  Brrr, the weather was cold, and the wind was fierce and seemed to cut through us.  But I spent a happy hour or so quietly working on a stitchery block.

But I’m pleased that I did manage to complete the quilting on the back portion of my new stitchery tote bag, and construct the handles, during the week.  So that is one step nearer, I feel.  Looks like I haven’t rubbed all those chalk marks off properly!

Back panel for the bag all quilted

Now I have the excitement of Monday morning to look forward to, when I roll the dice again to choose which UFO from the List of Six will get my undivided attention for the week.  Mmmm, wonder which number it will be?


Janice said...

Every little bit helps. You are further ahead than last week.

Bernie Kringel said...

Hi, I just popped over after reading your interesting comment on my blog post about social media. This tote bag will be adorable. Are you planning to use a pattern or are you making it up as you go. Either way, with the stitchery, it will be very pretty. How fun to have a pen pal in South Dakota! How did you two meet?

Your idea of pulling a number to decide what to work on is great! What a fun idea to rotate projects through and spend a bit of time on each.