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Thursday, July 28, 2016

A little Stitching then a little ripping out

Many stitchers have dabbled in candle-wick stitching in the dim, dark past it seems.  As I did, many years ago, before my blocks got packed away in the wardrobe.   It is nice, easy stitching, and can get as creative as one likes.  I never mastered any of the more creative stitches, such as satin or feather stitch, so my blocks are very simply sewn indeed.  My designs came from two books I have by Alma Schwabe, and I chose romantic designs featuring hearts, flowers, birds and the occasional butterfly.


Then I stitched a pre-printed mini “Ribbons and Lace” with my candle-wicking thread.  The idea was to use this as the centre of my quilt, and arrange my other twelve blocks around the outside.


Ribbons and Lace panel for the middle

And that’s where my candle-wick project has reached a bit of a stand still.  I added a couple of borders around the centre panel, and decided that one has been cut too wide.  So I’m going to sit on my comfy chair, stitch ripper in hand, and remove them, while the torrential rain is beating on the roof.  Unpicking is not much fun, so I’ll probably need a coffee too.  But it is no use continuing if I’m not happy with how this project looks, is it?  Hopefully, I’ll have more to show for my efforts tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

Torrential rain here too, hail, on and off, thunder, and black as pitch sky. Thanks goodness for some hand work. Keep dry and warm, and no more unpicking.

Janice said...

Good luck with it. I'm sure it will be worth the effort as a candle wicking quilt will be gorgeous. Yes, there were a couple of candlewick cushions made by me once upon a time.

Raewyn said...

Hope you made some positive progress, Jenny, it will be worth the effort to get it right.

Preeti said...

I had not heard of candle wicking before just now. The embroidery is exquisite and very neatly done. You would have made my mother very proud with your very neat knots. I am sure you will find your mojo back :-)

Sandra Walker said...

Well you are sure a good girl dragging out almost 20-year-old UFOs!! (I er may have some of that vintage myself...) Like I said in an email to you, I don't know if, but I hope, I did keep the pillow I made for myself with candlewicking. I made my sister a wedding gift of a rainbow pillow too, wonder if she's still got it? Both these posts stir up such memories! I'd take handwork to do, stitching or knitting and later, when I started quilting, appliqué, along on camping trips, in the boat (because I did not fish) or for in the car when travelling to visit family for a long weekend.