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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One down, one to go

A couple of tote bags shouldn’t be too hard to make for Christmas, should they?  I was well on the way to completion, or so I thought.  The pieces were cut out, the outsides had been quilted, the inside linings complete with pockets were made, as were the straps and the outside pockets.  All I had to do was put all the pieces together, easy peasy, wouldn’t you think?

But according to the pattern, the outside and the lining seemed to be put together in quite a strange way – bag and lining sewn together, then the side seams stitched up.  This left a seam visible inside the bag, which I didn’t think was very good at all.  So out came the seam ripper once again, and I assembled the first bag the usual way with the bag and lining right sides together, stitch around the top, and pull it out.  I’m certainly no expert, but this seemed a much better way to do it.

PC180001 I hate unpicking!

Even though I’ve been working away at the sewing machine for ages, only the first bag is done so far.   So that is one down, one to go.  I need to unpick the second bag, then get stitching.   Of course it will get finished in time, (she says, hopefully).

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Nancy J said...

Jenny, I too have been at the sewing machine for AGES, at least that is how it seems. 2 settees, 2 slip covers, 4 squab cushions, and 9 other cushions!!! All done today, looks so much better. And I still have a little sewing to do for presents, should be a breeze after upholstery fabric. Greetings, Jean.