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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Decorations – Caravan Style

Hand crafted Christmas always appeals, and it is nice to look around the caravan at this time of year and reminisce about the the things I have made over the years.  A trio of soft Santas sit on  the shelf above the door with their cotton beards hot glued in place.  Hot glue guns put terror in my heart (and hands) and I have suffered from blobs of burning hot glue landing on my fingers and hands instead of where they should be going.  I keep well clear of these torture implements these days!

PC270033 Three Santas on Christmas duty above the door

Our caravan club banner comes down to be replaced by my two little Christmas stitcheries.   Hand stitched and hand quilted, these were made these in 2004.  Goodness, they are almost 10 years old!

PC270032Hung up each Christmas

I have several Christmas cushion covers which get trotted out each year, and this is the last one made.  Poor Santa seems to have a bit of a crossed eyed look about him, and Muffy likes to cuddle up to this cushion so it tends to get covered in fine white fur.

PC270035 Merry Christmas cushion

We purchased this pretty candle in a Christmas Shop in Burton in the Water, Cotswolds, UK, a few years ago.  Can you make out the golden angel blowing the trumpet?  It is full of pretty baubles set in some sort of jelly substance, and was made in Germany.  The shop was full of all sorts of wonderful decorations.  But I had to chose something small enough to pop in the corner of an already full to overflowing suitcase after 3 months away overseas.

PC270038 Christmas candle from Germany

As usual, I have packed my hand stitching this trip, so must really get it out and do some more outside while the weather is nice.  Or perhaps I’ll just read my new book instead.  That’s what caravanning is all about – doing what takes your fancy.


Maria said...

Nice decorations in the van and it looks like you had a nice Christmas with the family.

Nancy J said...

Lovely stitcheries, and the candle, beautiful. Enjoy your time away, Cheers from Jean