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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Christmas peek

Christmas seems to be bursting out all over – things have been added, and rearranged.  Tucked away in a big cardboard box was our pretty little snow scene.  Nothing at all like the summery Christmas we enjoy here in New Zealand of course.  Perhaps it just reminds me of earlier forebears from Scotland and England who did indeed celebrate Christmas in the snow.

PC060063 Northern Christmas snow scene

My missing Christmas Wreath was found safe and sound in another box, and I pondered where it should go.  It wouldn’t work on the front door, as we have a security screen door fitted as well.  It finally found its place, attached to the small dining room window, where it gives a cheery welcome to neighbours passing by.  It is protected by the eaves so shouldn’t be affected by any rain.   I made this wreath in a class so long ago I can’t remember when, and had to replace the polystyrene wreath when it snapped a year or so ago
PC080003Christmas Wreath on the window 

What else can I show you all?  How about “A Stitch in Time”.  Here is Santa getting ready for his night of travels, doing some sewing repairs to his Santa hat.   His grey tabby cat is curled up fast asleep in the sewing basket on top of fabric and threads.  This was a gift from my pen-friend Carol in South Dakota quite some years ago now.

PC050025 A Stitch in Time

And a pretty quilt to finish off.  Another reminder of the cold English Christmas season is my pretty little Robin Redbreast wall-hanging, a gift from Rose in UK.  I just love the cheery little birds out in the forest.

PC050020 Robins from Rose

No doubt everyone else has been getting into the Christmas spirit, hanging those Christmas quilts on the wall, and getting the decorations out.  How about showing us a peek into your home?


Nancy J said...

Jenny, you are so far ahead of me with these lovelies, and what better than Santa Stitching. Maybe he could come here to give a hand with firewood, even if we do have a little drizzle, and a bit cooler air. Fond greetings, Jean.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi Jenny
We just started to get a few decs out. Our supplies are sadly depleted because after last Christmas I decided to exit a lot of items.
Hanging Christmas quilts tomorrow - perhaps some pics then..